July 19, 2024

Charles Bissue and Kissi Agyebeng

Nana Agyei Baffour Awuah Esq., representing Charles Bissue, has underscored the significance of obtaining a motion for discoveries in the pending application for an injunction against the Office of the Special Prosecutor. The motion aims to restrict the Office from investigating and prosecuting Bissue regarding the allegations raised in the Galamsey Fraud Part 1 documentary.

Nana Agyei Baffour Awuah put forward the argument that it would be improper to dismiss the allegations outlined in the petition that invoked the investigative powers of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) in relation to Mr Bissue.

Furthermore, Mr Bissue’s legal representative asserted that the motion for discoveries would enable the court to thoroughly examine all evidence pertinent to the injunction application and other relevant issues.

“…in order to assist the court to do justice to all the relevant facts and evidence that document must be available to the court.

“After filing a motion for an injunction, the necessity of the document that we seek became apparent because of an article by the former Special Prosecutor. It was not as though, we knew of it at the onset that we failed to raise it. But for that petition, we wouldn’t even be in court” he emphasized.

Previously, Nana Agyei Baffour Awuah highlighted that Martin Amidu, the former Special Prosecutor, publicly disclosed that it was Kissi Agyabeng, the current Special Prosecutor, who authored the petition invoking the investigative authority of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) to probe Charles Bissue. This petition encompasses all the allegations presented in Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s documentary “Galamsey Fraud Part 1.”

Isidore Tufour, representing the Office of the Special Prosecutor, urged the court to dismiss the motion for discoveries, arguing that it lacked relevance to the substantive matter at hand. According to Tufour, the two issues were unrelated and should not be considered by the court when determining the injunction application.

‘The arguments put forth by Nana Awuah are misleading, particularly when viewed in the context of the law.

The application for an injunction is based on the statement of claim’.

“In his pleadings, there is no mention whatsoever of the document that he is requesting the first defendant to disclose,” Isidore told the Court.

The court proceedings have been adjourned and will reconvene on July 4, 2023

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