June 20, 2024

Combined Youths of Nungua and La are telling Assin Central Lawmaker and Chairman of Kencity Media to stay off their lands.

The group leader, Nii Okpoti Tatse has been alleging that the self-acclaimed financier of the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, is harvesting incumbency and his relationship with the President to forcibly deprive them of their lands.

He is using his position as a member of the ruling government cum state protection to claim some essential lands from the allodia owners.

According to the angry Youths, the disputed land is situated at under-bridge, near the East Legon Police Station.

They explained that that portion of the land served as the boundary between Nungua and La traditional stools.

For them, the Youths, a competent jurisdiction has ruled for both Nungua Traditional Council and the La Council separately.

They said Osa Mensah, a private investor, Chief of Okpoglo and deputy head of the family of the ‘Odoi Atsem We’ of  La, and the La judgement creditors secured the consent of both Nungua owners and La owners (Odoi Atsem family) to commence work on the land-only to be attacked by land guards sponsored and deployed by Kennedy Agyepong.

‘Kennedy Agyapong’s bandit have on the third time vandalize the fence wall erected by the investor.’

‘As if that is not enough, the self-styled undercover Legislator on Saturday 18th July 2020 visited the site with military and police escort together with his personal ‘macho men’ to supervise bulldozers t  bring to the ground all construction works done on the land’.

Attempts by the Regional Police to foil the destructions met fierce resistance from the hoodlums hired by the Lawmaker resulting in a gun battle.

The group claimed all efforts to establish who sanctioned the military and the police for such operation from their respective command remain futile.

However, Osa-Mensah (the developer), La and the Nungua rulers have lodged a complaint against Kennedy Agyepong and his thugs to the police.

But the Youths, Priests and Priestesses are warning the Assin Central MP to stay away from their land or face their wrath of anger.

They urge the leadership of Parliament and the New Patriotic Party to tame him or they stop him by fair or foul means.

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