June 14, 2024

Daniel DUNCAN, former CCTU TESCON Prez

Former TESCON President of Cape Coast Technical University, Mr. Daniel Duncan is urging the leadership of the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, to remember the youth in the party, particularly TESCON members when giving out jobs.

He said, prayers for our unemployed youths are not the answer to the dire situation the idle young people of our country are facing.

Daniel had shared an article on Friday, January 29, 2021 before President Akufo-Addo roundup appointments of for his second term.

Below is the full article by Daniel Duncan …

As a former Tescon Member and President of Cape Coast Technical University, I have chance on a couple of struggling colleagues who exerted all their energies to campaign for the NPP to win and retain power over the last years.

It’s interesting to know that these students who had the party and Ghana at heart sometimes have to forgo lectures in the name of TESCON and party activities which sometimes leads to failing of papers, bringing enmity between people from other political parties among others.

What is heartbreaking is that after all these struggles, most of them (TESCON MEMBERS) are sidelined and ignored in terms of offering them after school job opportunities.

Many of the TESCON members who devoted their time and other resources in bringing the leaders to power will come and stay home with those that concentrated on their books, some of them even securing better jobs, while you (we) remain home hustling, toiling, struggling, wandering about and Sometimes, going back to your family for the daily bread which is disgusting.

As a patriot, a former TESCON President and a staunch member of NPP, I will plead that NPP as a party should recognize TESCON not only during Elections but after Elections. TESCON Members and executives should be given consideration and a good treat in terms of Job placement after school in other for their sacrifices not be in vain.

Now to all TESCON members, let us not be hoodwinked by those sugarcoated words we hear most often from our party leaders before elections. We deserve better and as such we should make bold decisions to also turn blind eyes to these leaders when they come asking for our help when they sideline us.

Let’s all come together to make TESCON great and not just a mere phase of the political party thank you.

From a concern NPP member.



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