June 20, 2024

Theresa Lardi Awuni, MP for Okaikoi North

Theresa Lardi Awuni, the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North, expressed her determination to defend her seat against any intruder, specifically referring to her colleague Nana Dokua Asiama, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Akuapem North in the Estern Region, who was elected as the New Patriotic Party’s candidate for the 2024 general election.

In her response, Theresa emphasized the seriousness of Okaikwei North constituents and implied that Dokua might sway NPP delegates but not the entire discerning populace of Okaikoi North.

‘Okaikwei North is very safe and I’m poised to retain my seat. Are you not interested in asking why two-time sitting member of parliament is running away from the seat in the Akuapem North? The person is a sitting member of parliament. Have you asked yourself why she’s running away from her constituency? We are not joking in Okaikwei North. Maybe New Patriotic Party, NPP, delegates in Okaikwe North can be bought, but my constituents cannot be bought. I am poised to retain the seat for the second time’. She conveyed to journalists.

The Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, in her second term serving Akropong, has recently relocated from her birthplace in search of solace in the Greater Accra region. However, in her constituency, she’s been labeled a non-resident, sparking controversy.

Observers link Dokua’s shift in constituency to the emergence of Sammi Awuku, the former National Organizer turned MD of the National Lottery Authority, as a contender.

Akuapem North now faces a unique situation with an incumbent MP not returning and a parliamentary candidate from the same party, potentially causing internal conflicts.

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