June 20, 2024

In a recent letter addressed to JFK, Charles McCarthy, a Public Interests Advocate, has sounded the alarm regarding the long-standing issue of internal elections within the Sunyani East Constituency. McCarthy’s impassioned plea highlights the need for fair and transparent elections to select parliamentary candidates, calling for an end to the two-decade-long absence of such democratic processes.

The Sunyani East Constituency has been embroiled in controversy, as detailed in McCarthy’s letter, citing a lack of internal elections to allow constituents to choose their representative. The absence of competitive selection has perpetuated a cycle favoring individuals who evade fair competition.

McCarthy vehemently urged against continuing to cater to the preferences of a select few, emphasizing the rights of NPP Delegates and members to exercise their choice in selecting their representative. He stressed the imperative need for genuine internal elections, asserting that the interests of over a thousand polling station officers should outweigh the desires of a few influential figures.

Notably, the constituency currently faces legal battles, with five ongoing court cases linked to reported injustices. McCarthy’s poignant message urged authorities to deliver justice to Sunyani East this festive season.

However, questions have been raised regarding the impartiality of the appointed sole investigator, Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi. McCarthy cautioned against potential bias, questioning Anyimadu’s stance on elections and expressing concerns about a possible conflict of interest that might impact the neutrality of his report.

McCarthy highlighted a Sunyani High Court directive that mandated the removal of elected polling station officers’ names, prompting queries about the subsequent fresh elections for the reported 600 polling stations and the oversight of such crucial processes.

To achieve a lasting resolution, McCarthy emphasized the necessity for the National Executive Committee (NEC) to conduct an open forum in Sunyani East. Such an initiative, he argued, would allow for the collection of ground facts and ensure adherence to the High Court’s order, averting a potential election crisis in the Bono Region’s Sunyani East.

The Sunyani East Constituency remains mired in uncertainty, with McCarthy promising to return with further updates on this critical matter.

Read below the open letter to the General Secretary…..

Dear JFK,
Wishing you the peace of the festive season! Instead of a Christmas present, I offer an independent perspective on the Sunyani East Constituency in the Bono Region.
I implore you to free Sunyani East from captivity. The NPP Delegates and members in this constituency deserve the right to select their representative. They deserve a taste of true internal elections. Restore to them their political right.
For two decades, Sunyani East hasn’t experienced an internal election to choose their parliamentary candidate. It’s always been the preference of those who shy away from competition.
Continuing to coddle the already coddled isn’t justifiable!
Currently, Sunyani East is entangled in five separate court cases due to injustices. This Christmas, grant them justice.
Prioritize the interests of over a thousand polling station officers over the whims of individuals with inflated egos. Uphold the majority’s interests and don’t cater to personal desires.
Regarding Anyimadu, entrusting him as the sole investigator risks sacrificing the constituency’s well-being for a skewed report. Remember the loss of six seats in Bono instead of just one.
Question the decision to appoint Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi as the sole investigator. Can he be impartial when he’s anti-election? Will his report contradict his fellow MP’s interest?
Before Kwame Anyimadu-Antwi’s report, a Sunyani High Court directed the party to remove the names of elected polling station officers. When was a fresh election held for the reported 600 polling stations? How were you not informed? Who oversaw that election?
I assert that Anyimadu’s report favours his friend and colleague.
For a lasting resolution, the NEC must visit Sunyani East for an open forum to gather ground facts before any directive counter to the High Court’s order. Otherwise, there might be no elections in Bono Region’s Sunyani East.
I shall return with more on this matter!
Warm Regards
Charles McCarthy
A Public Interests Advocate

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