UNPAID $56k RENT: Court Orders NDC eviction from Accra Office

Ade Coker, Gt. Accra Chairman of NDC

An Accra High Court has ordered the Greater Accra division of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), to vacate a mansion they live in Kokomlemle near Paloma, Accra, over unpaid rent.

The Judge gave the order upon finding that the party under Ade Coker’s stewardship had defaulted in paying rent and refused to relinquish possession of the property at the expiration of his tenancy.

The judge also ordered the Ade Coker chaired NDC to relinquish the property to the owner.

The property, a two-story mansion with boys’ quarters, is located near Paloma Hotel, Kokomlemle Accra.

When Ade Coker led administration refused to pay his rent, the landlord hired the services of a lawyer to evict them from the building.

When all overtures to the Regional Chairman failed, the Lawyer, upon the instructions of the Landlord filed a case against the party at the Accra High Court.

The landlord claimed four reliefs against the party (NDC), including that they should deliver vacant possession of the property, that they be ordered to pay $ 56,000 as rent arrears and an order for party to renovate the premises or pay to enable the plaintiff to renovate the premises.

The Presiding Judge, in a ruling he delivered, a copy of which was obtained by our correspondent on Wednesday, granted all the plaintiff’s reliefs.

The judge ordered the newly elected executives to pay $56,000 as arrears of the rent on the premises before they be allowed to access the facility.

Investigations by this portal revealed that the regional party is indebted to Ghana Water Company a whooping Twelve Thousand cedis (GHS12,000), while allowances or salaries of workers remain an albatross on the party.

Sources say the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the suppliers of power to the office is finding it difficult to quantify the debt owe the company.

This is happening in a region that aspirant paid as much as One Thousand Cedis to delegates to be elected into office.

A political pundit, questioned why some of the present leadership could spend that much to procure their positions and are not willing to do same for the greater interest of the party they lead?



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