Victor Quarshie set to run for MP in Ayawaso Central

Victor Quarshie Adonoo, former Gt. Accra Secretary of NDC

The former Greater Accra Regional National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary, Victor Quarshie Adoonu has expressed interest in the Ayawaso Central Constituency seat.

Ayawaso Central remains the NDC orphan constituency for about 22 years, after Alhaji Saed Sinare stepped down in 1996, and it is a bother for the people who kept seeing nothing good comes to the area since the NPP took over.

Quarshie on your right handing over the keys to the branded pick-up at the background to William Anim-Agyei.

In an interview with after a Walk in the area organised by few branches to ignites NDC spirit, Mr. Quarshie indicated that the constituency needs someone who is prepared to unite the followers and the sympathizers of the NDC going into 2020 elections.

He explained that the two major groups who live in the Ayawaso Central – Ewes and Moslims are divided anytime the party prepares for national elections, and this the NPP always capitalize on for about 22 years.

Victor Quarshie thinks must end; and said he is coming to ensure whatever is creating that division would be uprooted to give way for the NDC to recover the seat for the party in come 2020.

The former hard-working GA Regional multilingual Secretary disputed he was the problem which sought to give the NPP the chance to keep winning the seat.

Victor explained that he was constituency’s elections director, worked with all the NDC PCs diligently; but the division created by attitudes of some people which rob the NDC of the Parliamentary seat.

“As director of election in my area, we reduced the votes of the NPP drastically; I was Sub-metro chairman 6 years where I lobbied among other things to bring one of the Millennium schools to end shift system in constituency”, he stated.

“…..I tell you with unity which I am going to champion in this constituency when given the chance as Parliamentary Candidate (PC), and with all the former PCs on board, I bet you the NDC will snatch the seat from the NPP”, optimistic Quarshie assured.

Emmanuel Sosu and Rauf Musah are also the two other persons who expressed their interest to contest for the vacant position of the Ayawaso Central NDC Parliamentary Candidature.


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