May 30, 2024

John Boadu

In a startling revelation on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo, John Boadu, the former General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has voiced serious apprehensions about the escalating tension and rivalry within the party in anticipation of the November 4 primaries.

Boadu criticised the party for permitting numerous unnecessary lines to be crossed during this crucial internal contest. He is of the opinion that the growing animosity and threats among party members are entirely self-inflicted, thereby creating a precarious atmosphere within the NPP.

Boadu expressed his belief that the party has allowed unwarranted boundaries to be transgressed, potentially jeopardising party unity.

The seasoned party organizer turned General Secretary was particularly responding to recent threats made by one of the four primary contenders, Kennedy Agyapong. Agyapong had previously urged the Central Regional leadership of the NPP to take all necessary measures to secure his victory in the Central Region. He issued a strong warning, suggesting a confrontation if Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia were to surpass him in his home region.

John Boadu’s candid reaction acknowledged the party’s failure to maintain internal decorum. He remarked, “This is not our first time dealing with internal contests. I believe that we have significantly heightened the stakes this time around, and the rhetoric has escalated beyond acceptable boundaries. We’ve crossed lines that we should have never crossed in our internal elections. The hope now is that we bring this to a swift conclusion.”

Boadu went on to express his dissatisfaction with the extended timetable for the primaries. He argued that, considering the party’s position in government, the process should have been concluded by now in accordance with constitutional requirements.

Boadu’s statement raises questions about the future of the NPP and the impact of heightened internal tensions as they approach their primaries. It remains to be seen how the party leadership will address his concerns and whether they can navigate these turbulent waters to preserve party unity and cohesion.

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