June 20, 2024

Saadat Nabilla Ablayi

Saadat Nabila, that’s a bold step, long awaited call to serve as Tamale South Constituency Secretary.

You remember Silmin Doo gbuni? Just by the Tuffour storey building directly opposite the Tingbihi Doo Sheei at Dakpem Fong? Saadat was born there.

Saadat, a true son of our fathers had his umbilical cord mixed with the loamy soil at Dakpem Fong the heart of Tamale and then part of Gukpegu- Sabonjida. Had his first bath at Gung-koha Yili, bred at Wumbei Chaano Yili, I guess those who are familiar with the nooks of Tamale South will know where the Chaano Shrine is located in Nalung electoral area?

Saadat’s dad, late Charles Abdulayi Tia son of Jegbo. A Veterinary officer, a royal, was calm, respectful, and a compassionate man.

Mma Hawa, highly moral and religious woman, royal from Shishegu a suburb of Tamale. Her father was late Shishe-Naa Zakali. Mma Awaabu was a disciplinarian. Ooooh Mma, I miss your delicious meals as a child.

How could you have been close to Saadat and Mr Abdulayi won’t pick you guys on his red desert horse to Tamale Library? I use to say Saadat had a privilege, it was a great privilege to attend John Wayne Academy as a child. Saadat proceeded to Kaladan SDA, where he acquired his basic education.

Saadat, moved to Nyohini Yapala after the demise of his father. Same year he moved to Ghana Secondary School in Tamale. I still remember our preparations for BECE exams in 2002, our unprecedented re-writing of the exams. Saadat with his great sense of humour in refreshing our minds during preps.


At that tender age, and growing up in Dakpem fong, football was the centre of attraction. Saadat played for Great Eagles and later moved to Real Republicans at the juvenile level. At Senior High, Saadat decided to concentrate on education at the expense of sports. He’s a devoted Real Tamale United fan. I’m not surprise, those days when we use to scale the walls of Kaladan park to watch RTU, escape Arabic school to join Ekow to demarcate the pitch so that we can get free gate, carry people benches to enter the stadium, serving as ball boys. Saadat passion for RTU might be coming from this.


As kids, in oversized then candidate kufour shirts, holding paraphernalia of Late Mustapha Ali Idris, attending every rally and hoisting of party flags in Gukpegu Sabonjida both in 1996 and 2000 as kids. Saadat was so lucky to be always on his dad Yamaha desert horse to welcome candidate kufour at DatooYili, we will wait in town to wave candidate Kufour or meet them at police park.

Saadat became the PRO of Tescon at Tamale Polytechnic in 2010. Serves as a member of TESCON at UCC, became the deputy secretary of Nyohini Young Patriots, was a member of campaign team for Mr Abdullah Shamsudeen Pegu in 2012, during that period, he trained polling station executives in the constituency and also guide them on the use of the phone Apps to collate results after polls. Lamashegu North and South, Kakpag-Yili, and the then Kukuo/Jakara Yili was his jurisdiction. He led a team to conduct research in Tamale South.

In 2016, he served the regional youth wing under Alhaji Rashid COP. He was a member of the publicity and media committee and the Student Committee. He also raised some small funds for then candidate Hon Yakubu Yussif. During the elections, Saadat travelled all the way from central region to support in group mobilizations, electoral monitoring and collation of results. As a strong social media enthusiast, he has always used his handles to advocate and work for New patriotic party since 2010. He’s part of the vibrant SMC-NR. A group of social media communicators of our dear party.

In 2020, served as campaign team member serving under 2 committees, communication committee and Grounds and operations committee.

Saadat has proven to be firm, honest and passionate and selfless to a course. In political dispensation such as ours in Tamale South, we need someone like Saadat to serve as a secretary of our constituency.


With the experience and guidance under the tutelage of Hon Kennedy Osei Nyarko, Hon Anthony Abayifaa Karbo, and his greatest mentor Ing Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, Saadat has a greater passion and motivation to help make NPP attractive in the constituency by building proper structures to motivate and inspire our young dynamic patriots to mobilize and work for the party for us to recapture Tamale South.

With Saadat Nabila, NPP flag will be high and our generation and that of next generation will have something to pride with and NPP to brag with in the constituency.

He yearns for the dawn of a new era, where Party executives seizes to be an “ivory tower”, but could be reached out by the grassroot when the need arises.

A sharp spear they say needs no polish, so do a true story however strange it might be needs not be dressed up in fine words.


Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness

ABLAYI SAADAT NABILA, the man we can surely vouch for as our Constituency Secretary

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