May 30, 2024


According to Ghana’s Electoral Umpire, EC, timetable, Ghana has about one eleven months s to go before the next general elections in 2020.

But the political atmosphere indicates that the battle has already started and 2020 is set to be the most politically charged year in Ghana, in recent history.

In this write-up, I tried comparing the merits and demerits of fingerprint recognition and the what the Electoral Commission is bent on introducing-facial recognition to determine which one is superior and reliable.

Here are the comparisons…

  1. Accuracy: Fingerprint recognition is a highly trustable system in terms of accurate measurement. But it also has some drawbacks and fails to analyze perfectly in several cases like rough environment. Dirt, grease to employee’s fingers are very common in this type of situation. Additionally, if any damages occur to a person’s finger, he will be in deep water.

Face recognition system works differently. It analyzes from multiple aspects including the placement of eye, cheeks, ears etc. that brings the lowest error rate in this modality.


  1. Cost: Biometric technology, more specifically fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly a very effective solution to fight against the intruders. But it is also true that the price of this solution is expensive and unaffordable for many small companies. Apart from the software, a company also must buy high-quality fingerprint device separately.

Face recognition doesn’t require high-end cameras. It can work with the regular cameras such as mobile phones, tablets, webcams etc. which are integrated without any cost and available to public.


  1. Distance: Subject should be in touch with the device to be enrolled in fingerprint recognition system.

The subject will stand a near distance to be enrolled in face recognition system.

  1. Agreement: In fingerprint system, people will be enrolled in the process by own consent. The enrollment will take place when they put their finger on the device.

In face recognition system, people may be enrolled in this process even without their permission. Many governments including Russia start collecting face biometric from public places without declaring any announcement.

  1. Contact: Fingerprint recognition is a contact-based solution where people need to touch the device to be enrolled.

Face recognition system is a contactless solution. It doesn’t need any contacts from the subject.

  1. Usability: Fingerprint recognition is mostly used for authentication and identification process such as it would be used in school, college or office for the enrollment process.
  2. Acceptability: Fingerprint is moderately acceptable in some place.

Facial recognition is highly acceptable in everywhere.

  1. Uniqueness: Fingerprint recognition is highly distinctive and unique. It will not match with one another, not even with the twins.

Face recognition system can be confused in case of the twins.

  1. Template size: The template size of the fingerprint is medium. On the other hand, the database of facial recognition is large.
  2. Stability: Fingerprint technology is highly stable and persistent regardless of age. Face recognition system isn’t as stable as the fingerprint.
  3. Subject details: Fingerprint has low subject details as the scanning part is relatively small. In contrast, face recognition has highly exposed solution, thanks to the face.
  4. Disability: Fingerprint can be damaged or completely lost due to accidents and lot of us aren’t enough fortunate to have all the fingers. In this case, this solution won’t help them out, moreover, they will face odd situation in public places.

Contrary to that, facial recognition is highly universal and compatible with almost everyone. It would be hard to find any person without a face.

  1. Essentiality: Fingerprint technology is highly essential for identification and authentication process.

Facial recognition is highly important for surveillance and public applications.

  1. Hardware: Fingerprint recognition needs extra hardware apart from the software. But face recognition can be performed without any extra hardware. Mobile camera, CCTV is enough to complete face recognition process.


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