July 19, 2024

The analysis of the leaked tape involving the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare, has taken a contentious turn, with Okatakyie Afrifa-Mensah, a prominent figure on Angel FM’s morning show, criticizing Paul Adom-Otchere’s analysis efforts.

In a recent broadcast, Afrifa-Mensah expressed his intention to offer respect to Adom-Otchere while navigating through his analysis of the IGP leaked tape and the IGP’s appearance before the Parliamentary Committee. However, his remarks quickly turned critical.

Afrifa-Mensah alleged that the Atta Akyea Committee, in which Paul Adom-Otchere is not involved, is collaborating to champion a touch screen analysis scheme against IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare. He accused Adom-Otchere, a touch screen analyst, of being an “attempted lawyer,” emphasizing that Adom-Otchere’s aspirations to become a lawyer had not materialized.

According to Afrifa-Mensah, Adom-Otchere’s analysis is marred by his inability to separate biases from facts. He argued that Paul was presenting a one-sided narrative, failing to question the other side of the story and framing the IGP while influencing public opinion.

Questioning Adom-Otchere’s failure to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, Afrifa-Mensah suggested that this might be one reason why Adom-Otchere was not successful in pursuing a legal career.

Afrifa-Mensah also criticized Adom-Otchere’s approach to analysis, suggesting that it thrives on assumptions and probabilities. He argued that Paul’s assumptions did not contribute significantly to the analysis of the IGP’s leaked tape, as he seemed to prioritize personal perspectives over factual evidence.

In response to Adom-Otchere’s analysis on his flagship show, “Good Evening Ghana,” Afrifa-Mensah took to his social media platform, “For The Records,” to offer his perspective.

Afrifa-Mensah concluded by suggesting that Paul Adom-Otchere’s analysis aimed to discredit the IGP publicly in an attempt to secure his replacement.

As the debate surrounding the IGP’s leaked tape continues, the exchange of opinions and analysis between prominent figures like Afrifa-Mensah and Adom-Otchere highlights the complexity of the issue and its implications for the public perception of law enforcement in Ghana.

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