July 19, 2024

The Ministry of Education has issued a comprehensive response to recent concerns raised in a documentary by JoyNews regarding poor feeding and irregular food supply in Senior High Schools (SHS) across the country. In collaboration with the media, the Ministry conducted a nationwide visitation and monitoring exercise to investigate the issues highlighted in the documentary and address them appropriately if found valid.

Contrary to the narrative portrayed in the documentary, the Ministry’s visitation revealed several key findings:

1. Adequate Stock of Food: Schools visited during the exercise, as well as reports from other schools, indicated the maintenance of sufficient food stock in their storage facilities.

2. Prompt Payment of Funds: The Ministry observed prompt and up-to-date payment of funds allocated for the purchase of perishable food items to all schools.

3. Satisfaction with Food Quality and Quantity: Feedback received from heads of schools and students indicated overall satisfaction with the quality and quantity of food being served.

The Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to addressing any genuine anomalies identified during the visitation. It assured parents, students, and the general public of its unwavering dedication to providing adequate, high-quality, and timely food supplies to enhance the free and quality Senior High School program.

In response to the documentary, the Ministry urged JoyNews to exercise circumspection, fairness, and responsibility in its reportage, especially concerning the well-being of students.

Speaking as the spokesperson, Kwasi Kwarteng emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in the delivery of essential services to Ghana’s educational sector.

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