July 19, 2024

Prof. R. E.Y. Gyampo

These are not the best of times in Ghana, a political science lecturer, Prof. Yaw Gyampo officially confirmed that the country was ‘technically in recession,’ it had been an arduous battle for survival for citizens, organizations and governments at all tiers.

Below is the full text of Prof. Gyampo’s article ……………

When people are suffering, u don’t tell them u are better managers than the NDC.  Comparing your performance to a regime that suffered such a monumental defeat is a tacit admission of failure and mediocrity.

Please communicate a better explanation because you are reputed to be the most competent person in pontificating about issues relating to the economy.

Times are tough. Appointees and those around the corridors of power who are fully catered for by the state with the tax payer’s money, may not appreciate this. Also, note that some partisan sycophants who are complaining about hardships behind the scenes are refusing to make their feelings public. Further, please be aware that others are refusing to speak candidly because it is their Government in power.

Kindly speak to the ordinary Ghanaian to have a clearer sense of how they feel.

Last Sunday at church, an Elder who was preaching broke down and confessed as follows “enuanom, me y3 NPP ni paa, na mmom Ghana ay3 din”! This is an importer who complained bitterly about how the exchange rate is killing business men and woman. To tell me he is lying is insensitive.

Please accept that times are hard; explain succinctly, the causes to Ghanaians, and communicate the measures that have been put in place whose fruitful results may be experienced later. This is the only way we can all tighten our belts to endure these austerity times, in the hope that we shall overcome the economic turbulence .


Yaw Gyampo

A31, Prabiw

PAV Ansah Street


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