Arresting a Suspect and Its Standard Operating Procedures


1. The arresting officer or officers must read to the suspect, his or her rights in the language they understand stating unambiguously the offense(s) the suspect may have committed.

  1. A thorough body search must be conducted on the suspect immediately before He or She is taken into Police custody.

This is to ensure that, Suspects do not carry on the offensive weapons, non-Lethal weapons, drugs, etc. Note that This must be done on record and anything found on the suspect must be appropriately documented.

  1. Arresting officers or Officers must carry out such duties with gloves on their hands in order not to tamper with any material evidence.
  2. The suspect shall be given the right to at least inform his or her lawyer as to which Police facility He or She is being taken to for further investigations.

This is the professional standard operating procedure for properly trained security officers.

Therefore, our society and its Security services must be seen as professional law enforces NOT bullies.



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