Ayawaso East MP helps in the fight against coronavirus


The NDC Members of Parliament for Ayawaso East Constituency, Mc Nasser Mahama Toure has provided for market women and lorry stations a number of items as precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

According to the MP, the move was to help ensure the virus did not spread further amongst the Nima market women and it’s environs and those who patronize the market center from far and near.

He presented fifteen (15) combined handwashing stands; with liquid soap/detergents which people should use, in addition, a hundred boxes of hand sanitizers by the handwashing stands placed at the vantage points at the market place.

Mc Nasser, the NDC MP/PC also gave the lorry stations in the area same combined handwashing stands to ensure their passengers and the drivers themselves are free of COVID – 19 pandemic.

These items were to serve as precautionary measures to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. He advised the recipients of the items against the pandemic and charged everyone to abide by the instructions given, as he demonstrated how the hands should be washed up to elbow level.

The MP reiterated the precautionary measures the government issued must be taken seriously because is one of the ways a person could be free of the COVID-19 or would not contract the virus.

The Constituency Executives led by chairman Alhaji Olabodi Williams, who shared the items on behalf of the MP asked the market leaders to inform those who patronize the market to wash their hands when entering the market and repeat same when exiting after buying their food items.

Already, the fight against COVID-19 was part of Mc Nasser’s political campaign in the Constituency because he wants the people alive going into elections 2020, chairman Ola added

He hinted further that Mc Nasser has the market women at heart because most of them are single parents who struggles a lot to take care of their homes.

The Queen mother and the leaders/other women in the Nima market as well as the various lorry stations in the area were so impressed to hear the MP send them these items to help them curb the killer pandemic.

They were thankful to Mc Nasser Mahama Toure, NDC MPband his executives for his surprises. They pray for God to grant his heart desire, especially his ambition to retain his parliamentary seat because he has been helpful to the people of Ayawaso East.

The Constituency Executives who supported the distribution of the items were Barani Mohammed, Secretary; Organiser, Yussif Kamal-Deen; Mohammed Rane aka Killer, Co-pted member.

Others were Deputy Organiser, Yeaman; Communications Officer and his deputy, Shaggy Shaibu and Alhaji Bashiru; Youth Organiser, Marriam Ibrahim amongst others.


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