July 19, 2024

Black Sherif

Ghanaian music sensation, Black Sherif, is under scrutiny after Cruise People Limited, the organizers of the highly anticipated Afro Cruise Jam, accused him of breaching a contractual agreement. The cruise company had engaged Black Sherif to headline the second edition of their musical cruise, slated to take place on August 19, 2023, in Greece.

The Afro Cruise Jam, which gained massive popularity after its successful debut last year featuring Grammy award winner Gramps Morgan and Abrantie Amakye Dede, was eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.

According to Cruise People Limited, an agreement was reached with Black Sherif’s management, represented by United Talent Agency (also known as Echo Location Talent Agency). The deal stipulated a performance fee of Forty Thousand United States Dollars ($40,000) for the artist, with an initial payment of Twenty Thousand United States Dollars ($20,000) to secure his participation. In return, Black Sherif was to record a video confirming his availability and performance at the event on the cruise ship.

The company promptly paid the initial deposit to Black Sherif’s London account, and the artist acknowledged receipt of the payment. Correspondences through emails followed, and Cruise People reiterated the need for the video recording, which was expected to be broadcasted through Multimedia Group on May 19, 2023, at 3 pm. The media engagement aimed to enhance the marketability of the event and generate interest among potential attendees.

Assured by Black Sherif and his team that the video clip would be delivered before the scheduled broadcast, Cruise People proceeded with further arrangements, including securing cabins on the cruise ship at a discounted rate. However, to the dismay of the organizers, Black Sherif failed to provide the promised video clip as agreed upon.

Due to the artist’s alleged negligence in confirming his participation, Cruise People had to cancel the reserved cabins and faced losses as they could not guarantee the expected interests and patronage for the event. Despite several reminders sent to Black Sherif’s agents, the video clip remained unavailable.

As a last resort, Cruise People Limited sought legal action and engaged their lawyers to address the matter. On May 23, 2023, the company formally notified Black Sherif, his management, and booking agents about the breach of contract. However, as of the current date, they have not received any response from the accused parties.

The cruise company has decided to report the situation to the authorities, considering it a fraudulent action on Black Sherif’s part, and plans to pursue legal proceedings in court to seek redress and appropriate compensation for the damages caused.

As the news of Black Sherif’s alleged breach of contract continues to circulate, fans and industry insiders are closely watching to see how this legal dispute unfolds, which may have significant ramifications on the artist’s career and reputation.

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