July 15, 2024

Dr Mrs Shine Agatha Ofori Picture credit:graphic.com

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has taken decisive action against Dr Mrs Shine Agatha Ofori, the Headmistress of West Africa Senior High School (SHS), for her alleged involvement in the unauthorized collection of money from students.

The decision was made following an internal investigation into the matter, which revealed evidence of Dr Ofori engaging in the unapproved collection of funds from students at the institution. The unauthorized collection of money from students breaches educational protocols and regulations.

As a result of the findings, Dr Mrs Shine Agatha Ofori has been placed on interdiction by the GES. During the period of interdiction, she is required to hand over the administration of West Africa SHS to the Regional Director of Education. The interdiction is to remain in effect until the Regional Disciplinary Committee concludes their investigation and reaches a final determination on the case.

Cassandra Twum Ampofo, Head of the Public Relations Unit at GES, stated that the management of the organization remains committed to upholding the integrity and transparency of the education system. The GES takes any allegations of misconduct seriously and will ensure that due process is followed in resolving this matter.

The interdiction serves as a stern reminder to all education professionals and administrators to adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines governing the financial dealings within educational institutions. Any form of unauthorized collection of money from students or any other misconduct that undermines the welfare and trust of students and their parents will be met with appropriate measures by the GES.

The Regional Disciplinary Committee will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the allegations and recommend further actions based on their findings if necessary.

Parents, students, and the general public are assured that the GES will continue to prioritize the welfare of students and the quality of education provided across the nation. Measures will be taken to ensure that the West Africa SHS community is not adversely affected by the current situation.

The GES calls for all stakeholders’ cooperation and assures a fair and impartial investigation. Further updates on the matter will be communicated as the investigation progresses.


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