EC Petitioned To Produce Gazetted Results of 2016 Elections

Kelvin Tetteh Caternor

Kelvin Tetteh Caternor, a Ghanaian citizen has written to the Electoral Commission Ghana (EC) requesting the gazetted results of 2016 general elections.

In a letter written and received by the EC this week, Mr. Caternor demanded the correct and full detailed gazetted parliamentary and presidential elections results of 26 general elections.

He stated that per Article 45 of the Public Elections Regulations 2012 (C.I. 75), this gazzetted result would be needed for reference purposes.

a copy of the letter sent to the EC

In an interview with TheHawkGhana.Com, Mr. T. T. Caternor alleged that the correct results of all the 6 previous elections held in Ghana have been Gazetted ahead of the subsequent elections for every citizen to see. He told this portal that he wants to be sure the Ghana’s Assembly Press in Accra has the detailed gazzetted 2016 elections results from the EC as the referee of elections in Ghana, for them to be made available for the general public to refer.

“Maybe the Electoral Commission (EC) has gazzetted the 2016 elections results by themselves and it is yet to get to the people of Ghana who the EC is serving” he retorted.

Source: TheHawkGhana.Com/ Delali A. Awuyeh/2019


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