July 15, 2024

Joyce Abena Asiedu, popularly recognized as Rev. Maame Yeboah Asiedu, a self-styled marriage coach and General Overseer for Prayer City, is embroiled in grave allegations concerning the alleged swindling of a Ghanaian nurse residing in Holland. The nurse was allegedly persuaded to transfer a substantial sum of €45,000 (equivalent to Ghc. 586,291.5) to Maame Yeboah Asiedu under the guise of constructing a house on her behalf.

The victim, familiar with Maame Yeboah’s role as a TV anchor specializing in counseling and spiritual guidance, entrusted the substantial amount to facilitate the building of her dream home. However, months passed without any progress on the construction, leaving the nurse distressed and perplexed. Attempts to seek clarification and updates from Maame Yeboah were allegedly met with evasion and unfulfilled promises.

Feeling misled and frustrated, the nurse sought legal advice, prompting an investigation into the alleged scam. Maame Yeboah Asiedu, renowned for her prominence in counseling and spiritual mentorship, now faces scrutiny and potential legal repercussions for the substantial sum received, which failed to materialize into a constructed house.

This incident has shaken the community, raising concerns about the credibility of spiritual leaders and counselors who exploit trust for personal gain. Authorities are actively investigating the matter to bring justice to the aggrieved nurse.

Further revelations from a petition to the Director General CID suggest that the nurse encountered the alleged scammer on Facebook in 2020, where Maame Yeboah presented herself as an estate developer offering assistance in erecting a property. The promises extended to procuring land in Asuboi for the nurse, but attempts to verify the authenticity of the land and related documentation have proven futile.

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