July 19, 2024

Second Lady Samira Bawumia and the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, has been asked by the Fulanis to use the rest of their first-term tenure to “restore” their status as Ghanaians.

The Fulani Chief in Ekye said, “I was very amazed when the invitation came that Samira Bawumia wanted to meet the Fulanis in Ekye Amanfrom because prior to the 2016 elections Samira visited us and we told her how unfair we are being treated here.

She assured us her husband, Dr. Bawumia will become the vice President if we all vote for Nana Akufo-Addo to become President. And her husband becoming Vice President was good news for us because having her husband as the second gentleman of the land we could channel our grievances through her office so that our ‘Akonta’ (brother-in-law) can be addressed”.

“As the popular saying goes the message, they will tailor for our votes for power cannot be said of same when they have the power”. Fulani chief lamented.

We have suffered the most intimidation and torturous treatment under the Nana Akufo-Addo government with our brother-in-law being the Vice President.

During the recently held 2020 voter’s registration exercise we were turned out at the registration centers because we had regarded us non-Ghanaians meanwhile, the CI 126 frowns on physically preventing people from registering.

If we voted for Nana Akufo-Addo in 2016 why are they preventing us from registering in 2020 so that we can equally vote for him in 2020?

We were born here “Ekye” so we find it absurd for anyone to doubt our citizenship and say we are not Ghanaians. Fulani Chief burst in anger.

“How can we vote for you when you say we are not Ghanaians? Fulani Chief ask” Samira

All frantic efforts and attempts made to reach out to Samira’s office yielded no result.

We experienced a sudden deployment of the military who came here shot all our cattle which led to some of the families fleeing to other places we are unable to find their whereabouts until now. We cried; it was in the news your office did not come to our aid. Fulani Chief bemoaned.

Now our livelihoods have been taken away from us, what work do you want us to do so that we can cater for ourselves and our families? Fulani Chief asked.

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