June 20, 2024

Ghana’s parliament is gradually losing it clouts and it’s becoming more of a “Joke Cafe” where people who feed from the taxes of Ghanaian men and women languishing in the extreme ends of abject poverty sit and play partisan comedy and political pranks at a huge cost.
Looking at the sad state of hospitals and the deplorable conditions facing healthcare delivering in Ghana to the point that common ambulances are not accessible in emergency moments, then a confused government who is fancifully raping the stressed-purse of this country decides to doll out a whopping $12million to HIRE drones to deliver blood to villages where according them doctors and nurses refuse postings to go., the conclusion here is that, there are no nurses and doctors at those ends not to talk of laboratories to run a simple test like grouping and cross matching and gov’t is sending drones to deliver and administer blood. Jokers…I guess assemblymen and chiefs will definitely add blood transfusion to their functions.

It’s an undeniable fact that key stakeholders in the health sector like doctors, nurses, lab techs etc were not consulted and such an issue pops in parliament requiring the urgent consideration of members as demanded per the constitution, and as usual out of the 275 parliamentarians, 160 showed up, only to play their usual emotional and partisan politics with such a sensitive matter, instead of evaluating the contractual integrity of the deal by scrutinizing and interrogating the terms of the contract, cost implications and relevance especially at this time many challenges are whirling over the healthcare industry here in Ghana, the 160 only voted to reaffirm the partisan subjugation dictating politics and policies in the house.

As citizens not spectators, let us be firm in our resolve and flash out all loose cannons choking the one House that is supposed to host honourable men, men with unblishmed intellectual and human dignity, men with deep sense of purpose who on their own can make informed decisions without being ordered to do so like babies on matters bearing crucial national interest, to make meaningful contribution to the political discourse of this country so as to harness the many untapped human potentials dying off in the youth to trigger development, we have the power to do so to help chart a different path that will bring dignity to our parliament house by moving away from the excesses of partisan intoxication creeping in which has given access to persons who do not deserve to be walking under the honorifics “Hon”.

It’s sad to note that at this point in some constituencies, even if a goat gets lucky to be branded in a party paraphernalia, it will get votes to go parliament if only our constitution will allow …so sad!!

I’m a citizen,
Not a spectator

Source:www.TheHawkGhana.Com/Ivan Kyei Innocent/2018

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