May 30, 2024

Michael Yaw Gyato

Former Member of Parliament for Krachi East and members of his family within the Constituency were conspicuously absent at the final funeral rites of the late Municipal Chief Executive Francis Kofi Okesu.

A check by The Hawk  at the Dambai Lapaz Park venue of the burial service shows that neither the Gyato Michael, a resident of Dambai, his  allies, Prosper Odugbe and Clement Mensah  were present at the event.

Prosper Odugbe, who succeeded Francis Okesu as the Constituency Secretary after Okesu decided to pursue his MCE ambition together with Constituency First Vice Chairman, Clement Mensah also  stayed away from the funeral in solidarity with Yaw Gyato Michael.

According to the grapevine, the former Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation was warned in plain language not to attend the burial service of his brother-in-law.

‘Until his (Okesu) sudden passing, the political atmosphere of Krachi East has been heated up by the verbal exchange between the one-term MP, Michael Yaw Gyato and the late MCE, FK Okesu.

The two have been at each other’s throat with accusations and counter accusations on the governance of the Constituency, even as their supporters intermittently line up behind them in trying to ensure that they do not lose out in the verbal war’. A close source to Gyato narrated.

It was gathered that Michael first took up the gauntlet, when he took a swipe against Okesu, accusing him of playing God with Krachi East people even as the Constituency Communication Officer.

A confidant of Okesu who spoke on condition of anonymity said, ‘Gyato after the 2020 general elections procured the services of Lawyer Akoto Ampaw to prosecute the late MCE, then Constituency Secretary for trading the seat.

For her, it was Peter Mc Manu’s intervention that foiled and saved the young man from the calculated destructive effort by Michael to thwart the political career of that young man. ‘

He said, before that, Gyato had recruited and sponsored someone against Okesu’s secretary bid at the Dormaben conference.

‘As if that was not enough, Michael did all he could under the sun to block the appointment of Okesu as the MCE to the extent of paying Assembly Members to vote no during his confirmation as the Municipal Chief Executive. ‘But what will be, will be’. She added.

‘Why must a man who demonstrated naked hatred against Okesu while alive be allowed to attend his funeral? For what specifically, she quizzed.

Another said: “Michael’s egoistical and authoritarian leadership style is the reason Krachi East is the way it is today. Party Officers are scared telling him the truth. Michael’s unfounded and vainglorious arrogance is the reason why there is fear among his party members as the he has become, he who must be obeyed.

A party Chieftain, lamented that the people of Krachi East were being treated as a conquered people.

In his estimation, ‘Michael’s arrogance, greed, and lack of respect for elders of the constituency marked the beginning of his downfall. He literally prostrates and worships traditional rulers from other parts of the country but disgustingly disrespects traditional rulers in Krachi East with such disdain.’

Unconfirmed gossips in Dambai township have somehow connected to him to the Okesu’s death.

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