‘I don’t want an NPP or NDC councilor’- Prof. Azar

Prof. Kwaku Asare

Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare also known as Kwaku Azar, Chairman of NPP-UK Constitutional and Legal Committee says he does not want an NPP or NDC town Councilor

According to the Law Professor, he just doesn’t want an NPP or NDC town councilor. I simply want a town councilor who would ensure that we have clean streets, clean markets, healthy abattoir, efficient garbage removal system, and a sanitary environment.

I do not want powerful political party bosses telling my assemblyman how to vote on local issues. I simply want my assemblyman to focus on serving the local community.

I do not want to replace MMDCE, appointed by the President, with MMDCE, sponsored by and in the pocket of political parties. I simply want the President and the political parties to leave us alone to elect an MMDCE who will be accountable solely to our MMD and not to the President or any political parties.

I fear party delegates and do not want to see them deciding who can run for district assembly and other local elections. I simply want anyone in the community who feels strongly about community service to have ballot access.

Too many good people have been priced out of the monetized national elections. I simply want local elections to be decided by community commitment and knowledge.

I do not want local elections to be followed by party apparatchiks taking over local toilets, toll booths and other local facilities and conditioning access to them on my carrying a party card. I simply want to live in harmony and peace with my neighbors in much the same way as the ebony and ivory coexist on my piano.

I do not want a scam and a sham that is clothed in 128/1820. I simply want all law graduates to be given an opportunity to take the professional examination.

Da Yie!”


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