May 30, 2024

Francis Ejaku Donkoh, Chairman-FED Kastle Group

Francis Ejaku Donkoh, former Central Regional Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and Chief Executive of FedKastle Multimedia, operators of Kastle 90.3, has unveiled an audacious plan to reshape the Central Region’s landscape, drawing parallels to the bustling city of New York.

In an exclusive interview on “Kastle in the Morning,” hosted by Mz. Rubby to commemorate his birthday, Mr. Donkoh laid out an extensive blueprint for revitalising the region’s economic and social fabric.

Among his foremost concerns was the overlooked potential of Central Region’s tourism sector, which he emphasised as a significant revenue generator. To address this untapped opportunity, Mr. Donkoh introduced his proposal for a Tourism Levy at all four entry points to the region, requiring a nominal fee of Gh¢ 1.00 per entrant. The resulting funds would be meticulously managed in a dedicated account, with quarterly financial reports provided to ensure transparency.

“Central Region possesses abundant resources that can propel it toward self-reliance through revenue generation,” asserted Mr. Donkoh, stressing his commitment to leveraging the region’s inherent strengths.

Education and healthcare also occupied a prominent place in Mr. Donkoh’s regional transformation strategy. To invigorate workers and enhance the sectors’ overall quality, he unveiled an innovative initiative that would allocate 20 percent of each worker’s annual net salary as a performance-based bonus. This incentive, he contended, would entice professionals to seek employment within Central Region, thereby amplifying its growth trajectory.

Furthermore, Mr. Donkoh tackled the matter of workplace discipline and productivity. Expressing concern about the misuse of mobile phones during work hours, he pledged to enforce a prohibition on mobile phone usage while on duty. He expressed dismay at the prevailing trend, exemplified by instances of nurses indulging in TikTok videos during their shifts, and emphasised the need for a more focused and dedicated workforce.

Mr. Donkoh’s comprehensive vision aims to metamorphose the Central Region into a dynamic epicentre mirroring the prosperity and dynamism associated with New York. His plans encompass not just economic expansion, but also the cultivation of discipline and productivity, elements he deems pivotal to the region’s triumph.

With Mr. Donkoh’s ambitious vision gaining traction, stakeholders and residents are eagerly anticipating further insights into the practical execution of his proposals. His strategy has the potential to reshape the future of the Central Region, opening new avenues for growth and development.

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