July 19, 2024

Alhaji Suleman has repeatedly spoke up for beleaguered Journalist working with Power FM, who’s currently under fire for criticizing and insulting the president according to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service.

According to him, he cannot keep shut about injustice, no matter whom his opposition favours or goes against.

Read Suleman’s argument in his article……………


If there’s something I cannot keep shut about in this world, it’s INJUSTICE. Whenever and wherever I see one, I oppose it with my sinew without thinking twice no matter whom the opposition favours or goes against.

The A-G in a swift response, is dragging this guy, Oheneba of Power FM, who calls himself journalist to court for contempt. The A-G is asking the court to put him in jail because he has denigrated the Supreme Court.

Where was the A-G when Kennedy Agyapong threatened and insulted two judges for exercising the authority granted them under the constitution? This selective application of the law, makes nonsense of our entire democracy and serves a fertile ground for the germination of mistrust, distrust, and in some cases, violent protests.

The brazen spit on the faces of the minions in society while the mighty is glorified, is not only miffy but very appalling and deplorable.

I’ll on any day join any protest that will lead to the freeing of this man. I know this man is one of the most irresponsible commentators on radio. He is undoubtedly a misguided loose cannon. However, he has not done worse than Kennedy Agyapong. Kennedy Agyapong’s actions have even led to the death of a journalist!

If the courts are minded about their image, they should not have lowered themselves in a very tarry tactic to protect Kennedy Agyapong. Kennedy Agyapong has shattered the glass ceiling allowing or in fact granting everyone the right/opportunity to attack the courts.

I petitioned the CJ and copied all relevant authorities on the pigheaded behaviour of Kennedy Agyapong and not even the honour of response of receipt was accorded me. Today you want who to stand up and defend the courts? Nonsense.

I’m completely annoyed at this selective application of rules! So annoying


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