July 15, 2024

Woanyah Makafui, NPP Chairman, Volta Region

  • Give Seven-Days Ultimatum
  • Sets 18 October 2018 to demonstrate for his removal
  • Accused him of budgeting and paying for non-existing projects
  • But DCE fires back, says he bought the post with his hard earn savings

The bitter-sour relationship between the Krachi Nchumuru District Chief Executive, Augustine Akwasi Apppiah and the entire Constituency Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) appears to have taken a turn for the worse as the Constituency has accused the District Chief Executive working against the interest of the party.

All 17 Constituency Executives, 17 Electoral Area Coordinators, 5 Members of Council of Elders, Constituency Disciplinary Committee and 320 Polling Station Officers unanimously resolved to petition the party hierarchy and government to replace Augustine Akwasi Appiah for dissipating the electoral fortunes of the party in the constituency.

In a four-prayer motion unanimously adopted by the incensed party workers, the protesters frowned at a statement credited to the DCE, Augustine Appiah that not even the regional Chairman can control him, not to talk of constituency executives. He is reported as saying the constituency had no hand in his appointment, and that he dully bought and paid for his position.

Tempers rose high when party executives took turn to register their anger about the continued refusal and the deliberate attempt by Augustine A. Appiah, the DCE to thwart their electoral fortunes in the constituency.

The Constituency, warning the party of the consequences of not heeding to their resolution for the immediate relieve of the DCE from his post, arrest, investigate and prosecute the DCE, said the protracted saga will be a test case between the Executives and the Party, even as they vowed not to fail to react appropriately.

They have served the District Police Command notice of their intended demonstration slated for Thursday 18 October 2018, this paper can report.

Augustine Akwasi Appiah has had to seek refuge in the Volta Regional Minister, Dr Yao Achibald Letsa, the headquarters of Local Government, after he was approached by protesters to “answer some of their questions.’’

“Ever since he was appointed, he abandoned the party structure, he has never partaken in any party activities in the District.

A protester, the constituency Organizer who spoke to The Hawk Newspaper on the phone reported that the DCE had “refused to meet the party executives since his election despite several appeals.”

A petition to Woanya Makafui, the Volta Regional Chairman, recommended immediate dismissal of the District Chief Executive from office and investigations into his stewardship conducted.

 ‘The District Chief Executive, Augustine Akwasi Appiah has on several occasions ignored with impunity the roadmap of party leadership aiming at consolidating our electoral gains in the constituency. The Constituency Chairman, Joseph Asiam Danso, noted.

Further, they accused the DCE of abuse of office and conspiring with technocrats in the make of District Finance Officer (DFO), District Chief Director (DCD) and the District Engineer) to steal public funds.

They alleged that the DCE and his team recently approved the district assembly supplementary budget and captured non-existing projects as either completed or ongoing with monies in some instances already paid for. They cited the construction of waste dumping site with a budget estimate of GH¢320,000.00 and about GH¢160,000.00 paid already.

The District Finance Officer, District Coordinating Director and District Engineer are indicted for haven connive and awarded themselves an over bloated contact sum to renovate a CHPS Compound at DCE hometown (Bejamse).





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