June 14, 2024

Okatakyei Kwame Afrifa-Mensah

The host of Epa Hoa Daben, a flagship on Happy FM in Accra Okatakyie Kwame Afrifa-Mensah has blasted journalists for what he termed ‘allow cash out journalism.

Okatakyie Afrifa-Mensah, on his show last Friday asserted that Journalists in Ghana have turned themselves into political consultants and party communicators, who instead of addressing issues of national concern and being the voice for the voiceless now take delight in sycophancy and doing the bidding of their political paymasters, that is what I call ‘allow cash out’ journalism’’,

Allow cash out’ is mobile money terminology, that allows mobile money users to receive cash from any mobile money vendor.

He said journalists in Ghana have reduced a highly reputed profession into a propaganda factory for politicians in return for money.

The hard talk host alleged that all Journalists do nowadays while on air, is to attack the opponents of their paymasters and ask their producers to cut those portion(s) of the audio or video, send it to their hirers and take money’’,

Further, he charged the managers of Ghana’s education to shift from the theory-driven educational system to entrepreneurial and technical based education.

‘We need to reform our education to give premium to technical and entrepreneurial training. It will help us a lot. We need a skills audit to know the number of doctors, nurses and so on that, we have in the country. For him,  it will inform the country’s universities the number of enrolments they should take for certain courses. We need to also export doctors like Cuba is doing’’, he stated.


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