June 14, 2024

The Ghana Geological Services Department (GSD) has showcased mineral resources from Volta and Oti Regions at the ongoing Volta Trade, Investment and Cultural Fair in Ho.

Among the samples on display is jasper, used mostly for jewelry, and whose deposits can be found in Kwamikrom in the Biakoye District and Bodada in the Jasikan District of the Oti Region.

Samples of iron ore whose deposits are in Akpafu in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region, Kadjebi Asato in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region and Bowiri, in the Biakoye District also in the Oti Region, are also on display.

The GSD is also showcasing samples of copper ore from Obanda in the Nkwanta South Municipality.

Samples of serpentinite, from which polished tiles, and jewelry are produced, and whose deposits are in Jasikan and Kwamikrom were also on showcased.

Also, on display are samples of sedimentary rocks, which serve as materials for paving walls and floors found on the Kabakaba range in Ho.

Slime deposits, found in Ho and Klefe, are used to produce glass and optic fibre.

Other materials being showcased include clay, found all over the Volta and Oti regions.

Aside regular clay products, the material holds a high industrial value in the production of insulators and industrial crucibles.

The Keta lagoon in the Volta Region has salt deposits in abundance, and Mr Martin Kpetigo, Volta Regional Director of the GSD, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that Nigeria had a USD one billion appetite for the commodity for use in its petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

He said granite, a major material for the construction industry, was in abundance at Abutia in the Ho West District, the Agortime Ziofe, and the Adaklu districts.

Mr Kpetigo said Ahamasu in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region hosts the region’s gold deposits, and that the GSE held the mandate to prospect for the various minerals and materials and provide data for use by the Ghana Minerals Commission.

The fair, which is on the theme “Sustainable Investment and Industrial Growth through Trade Promotion”, runs from November 22 to December 01, and has over 200 exhibitors from the automobile, civil engineering, agro processing, crafts, and hospitality industries.

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