June 14, 2024
Owusu Ansah, known on radio as ‘Agya Wusu’ has accused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 Parliamentary Candidate of Techiman South, Christopher Bayere of plotting to eliminate the High Court Judge presiding over the Techiman South election petition, ahead of the Court’s verdict.
Agya Wusu, a signee and proxy fighter of Martin Adjei Mensah-Korsah Jnr., the beneficiary of the disputed election, raised the alarm on Mensah-Korsah owned Radio Link.
He alerted Ghanaians of an alleged plan by the opposition to continue the pursuit of agenda against the interests of the constituency by assassinating the judge.
According to Owusu Ansah, the opposition party and its parliamentary candidate in the 2020 general elections, Dr. Christopher Bayere, among other moves, had plans to strangulate the Judge.
Agya Wusu categorically marked out Bayere as one of leading NDC tugs to execute the violent attack on the Judge of the High Court.
‘I am calling for more security to be provided for the Wenchi Judge. ‘Bayere is capable of strangling and suffocating the Wenchi Judge to death similar to those murdered at Collation Center’.
He said the former Deputy Minister of Regional Re-organization escaped assassination attempt narrowly.
Before the hearings of Techiman South election petition slides to an end, Martin Korsah and his boys are all over alerting Ghanaians on a new and sinister plot by the National Democratic Congress to truncate proceedings.
“The fresh plot by the Bayere after being comprehensively rejected by the people of Techiman at the 2020 parliamentary election is to cause confusion, anarchy with a view to making the constituency ungovernable.
“It is to be noted that Bayere has made up his mind to pursue a destructive agenda against Techiman South for the next four years. This is no longer opposition politics. It is an unpatriotic agenda by people who do not mean well for their community. It is important we continue to alert people to the devious plan of the Bayere.
The Techiman South seat is one of the five seats being contested by the opposition National Democratic Congress in court. s
The NDC insist the results of Techiman South constituency was not collated before the sham declaration by the Returning Officer of the constituency.
Unlike the Supreme Court, the Wenchi High Court granted the request by the Attorney of Dr. Christopher B. Bayere to serve interrogatories on the electoral commission.
Justice Frederick A.W.K Nawurah, at his last siting, adjourned hearing to Wednesday 14th of April, 2021.

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