May 30, 2024

From left Parker, Moses and Henry

Moses Abor, the unsuccessful parliamentary candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has called upon his supporters to unite firmly behind the chosen candidate, Henry Quartey.

In his view, there’s only one parliamentary candidate representing the NPP, and that candidate is none other than the chosen one, Henry Quartey.

Speaking at a post-election unity meeting held at the private residence of former Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. I.C. Quaye, Moses Abor addressed a gathering of supporters from both his and Henry Quartey’s camps.

“From the region and constituency to polling station executives, you have all been eager to hear my word. Today, you have my word. And I believe that after this message, we will all work together to break the 8,” Abor expressed, emphasizing the importance of unity and collective action.

He urged his supporters to mobilize individuals under 18 and those without voter IDs to convene at the District Office of the Electoral Commission, underscoring the need for a strong and inclusive mobilization effort.

Abor stressed that within the NPP, there exists only one parliamentary candidate, and it is imperative that all supporters rally behind Henry Quartey.

“We participated in an election, and at its conclusion, the delegates made their decision on who would lead the Constituency. It is now our collective responsibility to support him,” Abor stated, emphasizing the democratic process that had determined their leader.

Reflecting on his own campaign, Abor humbly acknowledged, “I believed I could unsettle him (Henry Quartey), but he has demonstrated his seniority in the field of politics.”

“Let us come together with open hearts in service to the party. Personally, I have set aside any grievances and placed the interests of the party above all else. I implore everyone who believes in me to do the same: set aside personal agendas and work towards the success of the New Patriotic Party,” Abor urged, calling for unity and unwavering commitment to the party’s objectives.

In addressing the opposition NDC, Abor asserted that Henry Quartey surpassed Rauf Tubazo, the NDC candidate, in stature and influence within the constituency.

“To the NDC, we urge our Member of Parliament and Minister to focus on maintaining national security at the Interior Ministry, while we handle the NDC in the Constituency. Henry Quartey’s stature far exceeds that of Rauf Tubazo,” Abor declared confidently, concluding his address with a firm stance against the opposition.

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