July 19, 2024

COP George Akuffo Damper (PhD), IGP

The Senior Police Officers Mess (SPOM) at the Tesano Police Depot has been indefinitely shut down forcefully following orders from COP George Akuffo Dampare (PhD), the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service. The recreational facility, which is typically patronized by officers of the Police Service, has been closed off to users.

Sources indicate that the closure was prompted by a visit to the facility by retired officer COP George Alex Mensah. Upon learning of Alex’s visit, the IGP swiftly instructed the facility managers to shut it down until further notice.

The closure of the Senior Police Officers Mess, has sparked controversy and speculation within the ranks of the police service. This decision, which has resulted in the cessation of access to the recreational facility for officers of the Police Service, is giving the IGP a bad image.

Many are perplexed by the decision to shut down a Police Service facility simply because a retired POMAB member visited. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior officer of the Service expressed bewilderment at the notion that a former senior officer could not access the facility. He pointed out that while the facility primarily caters to senior officers, civilians are occasionally granted admission depending on the circumstances. This closure has raised questions about the transparency and inclusivity of the management’s decisions regarding access to the facility.

COP George Alex Mensah (RTD) rose to prominence during the Bugri/IGP tape saga, where he was captured in a viral video discussing perceived flaws in Dampare’s leadership as IGP and allegedly conspiring to seek a replacement.

The incident prompted a parliamentary inquiry, with the Atta Akyea Committee poised to unveil its findings following extensive witness interrogations. Despite both Dampare and Mensah asserting on camera that there was no hostility between them, it appears that their rivalry persists. Alex has accused the IGP of supporting a campaign against his parliamentary aspirations in Bekwai, highlighting simmering tensions between the two officers.

The closure of the SPOM stands as a concrete manifestation of the simmering tensions and power dynamics within the Ghana Police Service, shedding light on broader issues of internal discord and political maneuvering within the institution.

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