June 20, 2024

Emmanuel Quarshie (Hitman)

In a surprising turn of events, a journalist in Techiman has become the subject of a police pursuit due to his alleged involvement in a recording from December 2020.

The investigation has taken an unexpected twist, shifting the focus from the previously highlighted issue of the 2020 killing incidents at the Techiman South collation centre to a recording of the journalist’s program aired on December 8th, 2020.

The journalist’s work seems to have unsettled the Traditional Rulers, who have instructed his employers to remove him from the airwaves or face their wrath. This situation came to light after The Hawk reported in June 2022 that the Techiman Divisional Police had invited Emmanuel Quarshie in response to his publication regarding alleged ritual killings in the Bono East capital, particularly in the suburb of Sansanma.

The Sansanma Chief, Kwamuhene, and Kentenhene, both members of the Techiman Traditional Council, filed a “criminal complaint” against the journalist, prompting the investigation.

He was subsequently charged and presented before the Tuobodom Magistrate Court.

However, Inspector George Appiah made the decision to file a nolle prosequi, effectively dropping the charges against Quarshie and terminating the case. Quarshie maintained that his only offence was discussing the prevalent killings in the Techiman Municipality, which had caused widespread fear and panic.

Sources close to the investigation indicate that the undisclosed recording holds valuable information about a critical event in December 2020. The CID has launched an intensive effort to locate and apprehend the journalist involved, aiming to uncover the truth and determine the recording’s relevance to the events of December 2020.

In a letter dated June 16, 2023, addressed to the Managing Director of Akina Radio, the Police urged the management to provide the Cold Case Unit with a copy of the recorded version of Emmanuel Quarshie’s Morning Breakfast Show on Akina FM, aired on December 8, 2020, between 6:00 am and 10:00 am, to assist in their investigations. The Police have also requested Quarshie, known as “Hitman,” to report to the Director of the Cold Case Unit on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 10:00 am, to assist with the investigations.

As news of the police pursuit spreads throughout Techiman, residents are left pondering the potential implications of the December 8, 2020 recording. Speculation is rife, with various theories emerging about its possible connection to significant events or individuals involved. The pursuit of the journalist has sparked public curiosity and speculation about the recording’s contents and how it may impact ongoing investigations or the public’s perception of the event in question.

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