July 19, 2024

VP Bawumia sharing a warm handshake with NPP Chieftain. Picture posted by Krobea Kwabena Asante

In a remarkable meeting today, 18 July 2023, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana and a leading contender in the upcoming flagbearer elections of the governing New Patriotic Party, had the honour of an audience with the revered Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu. The 90-year-old statesman, known for his pivotal contributions to Ghana’s political tradition, expressed his admiration for Dr Bawumia’s dedication and blessed him on his campaign journey.

Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu, a trailblazer in Ghanaian politics, holds an illustrious career that spans several decades. Having served as a Member of Parliament under the esteemed leadership of Prof. Busia, as well as a Minister and a board chair under Papa Kufuor’s administration, his knowledge and experience are revered within the political landscape. His endorsement carries significant weight among both veterans and young aspirants.

During their meeting, Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu warmly received Dr Bawumia and commended his unwavering commitment to their shared political tradition. He expressed his confidence in Dr Bawumia’s capabilities and highlighted the importance of upholding the values that have guided their political journey thus far.

“With victory on the horizon, I urge you to stay steadfast in your campaign,” Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu stated, as he blessed Dr. Bawumia. His words of encouragement served as a beacon of inspiration for the aspiring leader, fueling his determination to continue working tirelessly for the betterment of the nation.

Dr Bawumia expressed his gratitude for the support and guidance he received from the esteemed veteran. He emphasized the significance of preserving the political legacy built by icons such as Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu and pledged to carry their principles forward in his quest to serve the people of Ghana.

As the elections draw closer, the meeting between Dr Bawumia and Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu stands as a powerful symbol of unity and continuity within Ghana’s political landscape. The blessings and wisdom shared between these two figures serve as a reminder of the rich heritage and enduring strength of the nation’s political tradition.

With the support of esteemed individuals like Opanyin Bafuo Kwabena Gyima Osei-Bonsu, Dr Bawumia’s campaign is bolstered with renewed energy and optimism. The future of Ghana’s political landscape awaits its destiny as the electorate eagerly anticipates the outcome of the forthcoming elections.

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