July 19, 2024

Prof. G. K. T. Oduro

Professor George K. T. Oduro, an esteemed Educational Leadership Scholar and former Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, has raised concerns about the viability of the government’s Ghana Smart Schools Project, citing several avoidable challenges.

In an exclusive telephone conversation with Yoel Prah on Saturday, March 30th, 2034, during the GBC Radio Central Show “Centre Stage,” Professor Oduro highlighted key issues surrounding the initiative.

At the forefront of his concerns is the claim that the tablets provided for the project have been preloaded with textbooks. Professor Oduro questioned the feasibility of this assertion, pointing out that the Senior High School curriculum has yet to be finalized. “Are conventions of textbooks not informed by the curriculum?” he queried.

“While the project appears good on the surface and aims to support student learning,” Professor Oduro stated, “the premature loading of textbooks raises questions regarding the hidden intent of the project.”

Moreover, he emphasized that the implementation of the initiative is hindered by existing challenges faced by many schools across the country. With approximately 5000 schools still operating under trees and persistent feeding challenges in senior high schools, Professor Oduro questioned the government’s prioritization of providing laptops over addressing these fundamental issues. “Where should our priority be?” he asked.

Professor Oduro also raised concerns about the government’s expenditure on procuring exam papers for students when the Ghana Smart Schools Project was poised to provide all necessary educational materials. “This raises a question of value for money,” he asserted.

Addressing the timing of the initiative, particularly in an election year, Professor Oduro questioned whether it was a means of influencing votes. “Is it not a means of influencing votes just to get students to vote for you?” he pondered.

While acknowledging the positive intent behind the Ghana Smart Schools Project, Professor Oduro stressed that the current challenges facing schools in the country cast doubt on its effectiveness. “A big question mark comes up,” he remarked, urging policymakers to reconsider their priorities and focus on addressing critical issues within the educational system.

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