Prophetess Fights Dirty Over Church Taxation

Prophetess Mrs Grace Frimpong Boateng

A renowned kumasi based Prophetess Mrs Grace Frimpong Boateng who is the founder and leader for Jesus Prayer Ministry at Ejisu Asawase has called on government to rescind his decision on church taxation.

The woman of God is in a strong opposition to the move yet to be implemented by Ghana Revenue Authority and for that matter government, challenging that they should instead create a fund where churches will voluntary make donations for the upkeep of the nation.

For Prophetess Grace Boateng, the above raised suggestion is far more idealistic than resorting to the policy of strict payment of taxes by Churches.

According to her, government’s option (church taxation) if set into effect will heighten the level of church corruption especially false men of God since they will be gingered to go extra miles in their corrupt practices since they are taxed on their various businesses.

The sale of anointing oil, handkerchief, holy water, issues related to consultations and counseling fees among other ecclesiastical errors will be on the rise.

Church taxation in her view will not prohibit them (false Prophets) but will rather provoke them to do worse than what we see them doing now.

“A national account should be created for churches in Ghana to make voluntary contributions.” she requested.

The foregoing statement was swooped by the Hawk newspaper when Prophetess Grace Boateng was engaged in a television program hosted by Madame Ako Nsoromapa on Taabea Tv.

She continued that government should again consider the reality that churches are made up of individuals who are already taxpayers and that the attempt to tax churches in the country will be a double taxation.

He averred that government should reflect on the spiritual benefits Ghana drives from the church and spare them (Churches) on issues related to tax.


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