July 19, 2024

Adel Umar Ibrahim

A motivational Speaker and Contractor, Adel Umar Ibrahim has joined the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy National Youth Organizer race.

The party constitution states that the deputy national youth organizers’ role is to assist the youth organizer in achieving his plans and dreams for the position he occupies; Adel Ibrahim said he has the qualities to offer that assistance perfectly.

According to him, he has three (3) sets of skills the party youth wing would need for him to bring on board to assist the party’s youth organizer.

This include conflict resolution skills that will allow him to travel across the country to mend ‘broken’ hearts within the youth front to create a formidable youth wing for 2020.

As member of the NDC communication team, Adel Ibrahim said he would ensure communications at the national level will help to harness the gains of the party at the national level and to motivate the youth front towards 2020.

He told The Hawks Newspaper in an interview that as a team player he is to assist the main youth organizer to undertake any responsibility that would have assigned him.

Adel Ibrahim, the son of national chief Imam of Sunni Muslims, Ghana, suggested that “public lectures for our various youth across the constituencies and universities (TEIN) in the country in order to keep the motivations high”.

He promised to ensure the establishment of an investment for the youth wing that will generate a minimum of Ghc100,000.00 a month for the youth wing at the National level to aid in regional and constituency activities of the youth going forward.

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