May 30, 2024

Samuel Huntor former host of Pampaso on Radio Gold

Samuel Huntor one of the few journalists bearing the brunt of the wickedness of National Communication Authority, NCA, to keep the legacy and brand of Radio Gold from annihilation since the station was cruelly taken off air on the 9th day of May 2019 has finally thrown in the towel.

Huntor is amongst the last eight men standing with Nancy Obimpeh as the sole female. They have since the sudden closure of the station being transmitting via facebooklive with the hope of management resolving issues with the regulator. It’s two years are the shut with no hope in sight.

The survivor of these young professionals and how to cater for utility bills of the station became the shared responsibility of their faithful listeners across the world.

Huntor on June 2 2021 extended his deepest appreciation to the Management, Staff, and listeners of Network Broadcasting Ltd (Radio Gold and Montie) for the chance to serve them.

‘I would like to express my profound gratitude to the management and workers of Network Broadcasting Ltd (Radio Gold and Montie FM) for the opportunity to serve for the past 8 years.’ ‘To my cherished listeners and followers, I am grateful for your support’. He posted on Facebook.

In the midst of speculation and conjecture for reasons pushing the abrasive tongue host to abandon the power station, this portal can report authoritatively that the former Pampaso Host has been absorbed by Zoomlion’s Original TV/ FM.

Known for his attention for details, Sammuel Huntor is expected to start working with Original TV in the coming days as a news Anchor while the station prepares the grounds to introduce him as their latest signee and host of Original TV/FM’s sociopolitical talk show dubbed Original ‘Aman yo sem’

What we are not sure is whether he would be allowed to continue his incisive and hard-hitting critical thinking segment on the yet to start evening sociopolitical talk show.

Radio Gold is one of the over One Hundred and Thirty-Four radio frequencies that were forcibly shutdown down in a gestapo mode in 2019 against public appeal.

All attempts to restore the state of the station has since fallen on death ears. Neither the president nor his minister for Communication is willing to supervise the return of Radio Gold.

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