July 19, 2024

Rev. Anaba and Dr Bawumia in a picture

In a heartfelt homage, Reverend Joseph Eastwood Anaba, President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), known for his extensive travels and keen observations of life, expressed profound admiration for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s exceptional qualities of humility and purpose. Reverend Anaba conveyed these sentiments during a recent gathering, where he openly shared personal encounters and reflections on the vice president’s remarkable journey to leadership in Ghana.

Rev. Anaba began by recalling his first acquaintance with Dr. Bawumia’s name during his frequent journeys from Tamale to Accra. He emphasized the remarkable aura of humility that surrounded the doctor, a quality that deeply resonated with his own values. According to Rev. Anaba, humility is an intrinsic virtue, impossible to counterfeit, manifesting naturally through one’s actions and demeanour.

Further expounding on his observations, Rev. Anaba commended Dr. Bawumia’s unwavering work ethic and acknowledged the indelible influence of the “DNA inherited from his father, the legendary Bawumia.” In life’s journey, individuals inherit an array of qualities and attributes, and in the case of Dr. Bawumia, he was endowed with a legacy steeped in wisdom and humility from his family.

With a nod to the significance of one’s name, Rev. Anaba emphasized that a good name is the most substantial legacy one can leave for their offspring. He urged all present to aspire to leave behind a name synonymous with honour and integrity.

Rev. Anaba continued by lavishing praise on Dr. Bawumia’s extraordinary trajectory from the northern reaches of Ghana to his current position as Vice President of the nation. He accentuated the pivotal roles of diligence and patience in the vice president’s ascension to leadership.

In a poignant reference to 1 Samuel 16, 18, Rev. Anaba drew parallels between Dr. Bawumia and the biblical description of a son of Jesse. He characterized the vice president as a man who exemplifies prudence, patience, and purpose, crediting these qualities as instrumental to his elevation to the esteemed office of Vice President of Ghana.

The tribute culminated with Rev. Anaba’s profound admiration for Dr. Bawumia’s remarkable journey, which he described as a testament to the vice president’s character and unwavering commitment to serve the nation. The gathering resonated with his heartfelt words, recognizing not only the vice president’s exemplary leadership but also the virtues of humility and purpose that have defined his remarkable path.

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