February 25, 2024

Renowned gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has taken to his platform to publicly extend an apology to Dr. Kweku Oteng, following a recent incident where he expressed disappointment over the lack of sponsorship for his concert, ‘Rhythms of Africa’.

In his statement on social media, Badu acknowledged his previous call-out of Dr. Oteng on Okay 101.7FM for allegedly not sponsoring his concert, a move he now expresses regret for. Badu emphasized his loyalty and respect for Dr. Oteng, citing instances where he honored him, notably during an event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Highlighting the promise of support for his Atlanta concert that ultimately fell through, Badu revealed a similar scenario in Ghana, where he once again relied on Dr. Oteng’s commitment, only to face disappointment regarding sponsorship for his recent concert.

Expressing his frustration, Badu clarified that his social media posts after meeting Dr. Oteng might have given the impression that the sponsorship was secured, leading to confusion among the public. He stated his realization that depending too much on human promises can lead to disappointment.

Despite the misunderstanding, Sonnie Badu extended a heartfelt apology to Dr. Kweku Oteng for bringing the matter into the public domain. He admitted learning a valuable lesson, emphasizing that when he turned to God, the success of ‘Rhythms of Africa’ surpassed expectations, becoming one of Ghana’s premier events.

This public apology signifies Badu’s desire to rectify any misunderstanding and extend an olive branch to Dr. Oteng, underscoring his commitment to moving forward positively in their relationship.

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