May 30, 2024

‘You are expected to edit or write a minimum of fifty (50) short stories a day for thirty days for BAKNews Channel following the criteria outlined in your training during the performance review process.

You will be paid an amount of GHC300 for editing/writing for (50) short stories a day for thirty days. Portions of the contract actual agreement between BAKNews and Vida read., an online news portal has requested a journalist to write, edit up to fifty (50) news stories a day for a paltry Three Hundred Cedis monthly salary (GHC300).

Vida Essel-Lamptey, a journalist with says she has been told by management of to write and edit fifty (50) short stories daily for 30 days and take home GHC300 every month.

‘And this is what I got, GHC300 for 50stories a day. Is that what people have to endure? chai, injustice of the highest order’. She wrote on her Facebook timeline.

According to her, she was inspired to hunt for extra job beside her role at, and as a nursing mother to keep her away from full time journalism.

‘I realize one of the things that was keeping me from going back to full time journalism was my kids. Am so afraid to leave them alone. The truth is I don’t know who will take care of them while am away and most especially, on vacations. My mum moved back home about a year ago.

So I decided to add extra job to what I have at since I have some time at hand. And the best option was online again.

And this is supposed to be a part time job. Even the state media houses and the best private ones we know pays well don’t ask for 50 stories a day’. She narrated.

Declining to sign the contract, she replied; ‘That is Impossible even if you paying GHC5,000. …Perhaps you may want to take a second look at your contract. I doubt if you will get anyone to work with, with that. This is cheating to the highest order. Have a nice day”.

This means, is paying GHS10 a day for 50 short stories.


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