The JoyNews Logic (opinion)

Israel Laryea
For JoyNews Editor, Israel Laryea, because the MENZGOLD London office has no visible displays the company is known for, so its a sin for the company.
According to him, because the gold dealer, Menzgold does not operate the same business model as it does in Ghana, it’s a crime.
For JoyNews and Israel Laryea, because Menzgold is housed in a rented space in the massive Berkeley Square meant for businesses mostly seeking short term leases, it is a bad idea for the company.
I am mortified by the mischief of the News Editor of the reputable news platform. Aside the lackey job done by Israel, it was obvious he is blank in the field of business.
A News Editor of his caliber needn’t be told that Menzgold is not restricted to same business model across the globe. It will take only a hatchet jobber to run with such as factual.
Talking about the size of office? Can that be a yardstick to gauge the seriousness of a business entity? I wonder what would have become of the studios of the firm he (Israel) is joyfully employed as news editor? Let the ‘Shop Assessor’, Israel Laryea scale the size of AsempaFM, HitzFM, AdomTV studios and put the measurement out and tell us that the size of these platforms is hindering the output of same.
Not too long ago in history, Ghana’s embassy abroad was housed in a rented container. What has size and display got to do with the legitimacy of a business entity?
Is the JoyNews Editor suggesting that because he did not meet a pool of customers at the London office of Menzgold, the company is not doing legitimate business?
For me, Nana Appiah Mensah should not be the target for Israel Laryea, JoyNews and his sponsors, if they truly have the interest of customers at heart.
To me, Israel Laryea should have concerned himself with the fact the CEO of SEC through one of Multimedia platforms told Ghanaians that the operations of Menzgold does not fall under their (SEC) jurisdiction, and that Ghanaians should ask Precious and Minerals Commission for answers bordering on Menzgold.
Why is Israel not interested in his own news?
Don’t Laryea and his pay-master care a little about the decision taken by Security and Exchange Commission to halt the operations of Menzgold without recourse to how clients of the company would be reimbursed?
Why is Israel not worried about victims of SEC’s reckless action? What is SEC doing about customers whose investment is locked up because of their action?


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