‘Tell Bawumia To Stop the Campaign Talks’- Gyampo

Prof. R. E.Y. Gyampo

Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo wants Vice President Bawumia, who’s currently under fire for not doing more to stop ongoing hardship attacks on Ghanaians to active flight mode and stop the campaign rants.

‘Officer please tell the Vice President that the campaign utterances that made him attractive and appealing to supporters must be over. Now that he is a Vice President, he must sound conciliatory and not that adversarial and divisive’. The political scientist wrote.

According to Prof. Gyampo, he believes the Vice President and for that matter government would need the support of the minority to drive home successfully the major agenda of government.

He said, the incessant insults and attacks hurled on the NDC is not the way to build consensus. And its not every decision that can be taken with a simple majority.

‘I say this because the NPP would need the NDC’s support in pushing through major government initiatives in parliament’. He noted

Not every decision can be taken with a simple majority.

For Prof. Gyampo, Dr. Bawumia is always seen exasperating the other side, and that is not good for his image.

He now is irritating the other side and it isn’t good. Let him make his point without hitting the NDC now so he can get them to support the implementation of major government initiatives. He can hit at them during the campaign season


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