April 17, 2024

Mrs Ursula Owusu Ekufful, Minister for Communications

Vodafone Ghana, now operating under the name Telecel Ghana following a change in ownership. The transition marks the end of Vodafone’s tenure as the second in command in the Ghanaian market.

Previously, Vodafone had acquired a majority stake of 70% in the Ghana Telecommunication Company, commonly known as Ghana Telecom, for a substantial sum of $900 million. This acquisition, which also included an enterprise value of $1.3 billion, had shifted ownership from the Ghanaian government, which formerly held a hundred percent stake in the telecommunications entity.

However, the circumstances surrounding the sale of Ghana Telecom to Vodafone UK have been a subject of scrutiny, with claims of undervaluation and potential irregularities. P.C. Appiah Ofori, representing the Asikumah-Odoben Brakwa Constituency, revealed that during the sale process, each member of parliament, excluding himself, allegedly received a payment of $5,000 to support the transaction. Ofori cited his outspokenness as the reason for his exclusion from the purported financial incentive.

The sale of Ghana Telecom, once a strategic national asset, has raised questions about the transparency and fairness of the transaction, particularly given the significant financial investment involved. Critics argue that the decision to privatize the telecommunications company may have been detrimental to the country’s interests.

It’s worth noting that Ghana Telecom, prior to its acquisition by Vodafone, played a pivotal role in the telecommunications sector and also contributed to education through the establishment of the Ghana Telecom University.

With the transition to Telecel, stakeholders and consumers alike are anticipating how the new ownership will impact the telecommunications landscape in Ghana, including potential changes in services, pricing, and market competition.

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