When Can We Depoliticize Decisions of Politicians?


Let me ask yet another question that needs to be brought to the attention of those asking political activists not to politicize the decisions of politicians?

And for the avoidance of doubt, de-politicization is the action of causing something or someone to have no political connections.

Under what condition do we ask persons who stood on political party emblems to campaign for political power and got elected or voted out based on their political ideologies to sweep under the carpet what they told the citizens?

Let true Ghanaians speak and attempt a denial that persons elected to manage our country at all levels are not politicians or have nothing to do with politics, then we, who live side by side with them, will open our records and ask them what happened in these periods of our constitution.

Why are political parties enjoined by law to participate in shaping the political will of the people, disseminate information on political ideas, social and economic programs, and yet we are quick to charge politicians not to politicize their decisions?

Were they elected to preach the Gospel? How else do you explain the irony of political parties sponsoring candidates for public elections to implement political manifestos?

And the hypocrisy of Ghanaians is so contagious that it is rapidly contaminating previously rationally minded individuals. How do we as people explain that a country that is governed by an Executive President, elected on political party and clothed with so many political powers should not be measured politically?

Ironically, we elect a president who appoints from Chief Judge, Speaker, Ministers, Service Commanders, Chief Executive Officers to Metropolitan/ Municipal and District Chief Officers are appointed by a politician and are expected to take political decisions. And yet we are quick to say don’t politicize this or that.

And let me say that every political party has plans covering all sectors of the economy, ranging from health, security, education, agriculture, economy and governance. So, what is this ‘don’t politicize’ this, don’t politicize that for?

What can we politicize then, if we can’t do to that of politicians?

All 16 regions are managed by political appointees; 216 MMDCEs led by confidants of a political leader and 275 Legislators created from political fabric, so, it’s just not possible to ask the people not to rate them politically.

For me, it’s an affront to the conscience of the laws of our land to ask people not to politicize decisions of politicians, because it’s the right guarantee by law. And any attempt to impede it should be resisted with all reasonable force.

If we do think that politics is so bad that we do not have to do it at a point in our lives, then, let’s expunge the same from our laws ( the Political Parties Law Act 574, (2000), and go ahead to disband the Electoral Commission.
Need I tell you that we are spending too much on our election as a third world country?



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