July 19, 2024

In a shocking revelation, writer and ethical advocate P.K. Sarpong has exposed Yvonne’s exploitative actions, where she has taken advantage of her mother’s plight for personal financial gain. This revelation has sparked significant concern and ignited a crucial discussion on the ethical boundaries surrounding such behaviour.

P.K. Sarpong, renowned for his dedication to ethical principles in his writings, has expressed deep reservations about Yvonne’s conduct. Evidence suggests that Yvonne has capitalized on her mother’s inability to disclose the identity of her (Yvonne’s) father, using it as a means to generate profit. This raises serious questions about the moral compass guiding Yvonne’s choices.

In her captivating book launched on Sunday, June 18, 2023, the Actress revealed her primary motivation was to seek and establish a connection with her biological father. Additionally, she aimed to share the unfiltered and unvarnished account of her life’s triumphs and trials.

But Sarpong thinks, Yvonne just packaged her mother’s pain into a book, shamelessly exploiting it for monetary gain and claiming it as a personal account.  This profit-driven action has sparked widespread criticism and initiated essential conversations about the responsibilities individuals bear when handling sensitive personal narratives.

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This is my review of the central theme of Yvonne Nelson’s memoir. No matter where you stand on this topic, open your mind to grasp the thinking behind this piece. This may be the last lengthy piece from me about Yvonne Nelson’s book.

In all these turbulence and noises regarding Yvonne Nelson’s masterpiece, I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON, one nagging concern plagues my thoughts.

Yvonne Nelson, she makes us understand, is only on this journey to find the father she has never met. She tells us she has made frantic efforts to find her father but all to no avail.  She tells us how her mother has refused to tell her the name or location of her real father, something which has affected her so much so that she has been compelled to write a memoir hoping against improbable hope that he’d find out about her and come looking for her.

She points out to us that her only motivation for telling us about all the sordid details of her life including her hidden family secrets is to look for her father. She says so.  Now, come to think of it, if that’s her only motivation, why would she sell the book to us and the rest of the world? She could simply have made it available to us free of charge online so that we read and possibly help her find her father.

Here is a lady who says she is looking for her father, and in doing so, she practically destroys her mother. Our old folks have this adage that a trader is not killed in order to have one’s wares patronized by the same customers.

Yvonne Nelson has thrown away her mother in order to bring her father into her life, the father she doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead.

Not only has she damaged her mother forever, she is selling the mother’s nakedness to the rest of the world.

She is commercializing her mother’s plight, her anguish, and the traumas the poor woman is going through in the name of a memoir and making millions out of her.

Who, in all sincerity, would be looking for her father by disgracing the mother and selling the mum’s disgrace to the rest of the world for money?

While I cannot wholly dismiss her claim of looking for her father, I am convinced that her main motivation for writing the memoir is to make money, that’s her primary motivation.

She may have been hurting over the absence of her real father, but the monetization of the memoir makes nonsense of her claim that the book is to help her find her father. She is finding money with the book and not her father.

She has castrated her mother’s pride in this money-making agenda. Finding her father using this memoir is a mere façade. Finding the father is a smokescreen for making huge sums of money from her mother’s pains.

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