June 20, 2024

Past Paramours: Sarkodie and Yvonne

As I’ve been going through the feedback and opinions shared about the Sarkodie and Yvonne issue, my disillusionment with our society has deepened.

Yvonne’s intentions were deliberate; she knew exactly what she was doing. Sarkodie simply exposed what Yvonne had already revealed about herself in her book. By mentioning the names of the men she had been involved with, Yvonne positioned herself as more than just a casual acquaintance, and she expressed a desire not to be labelled as promiscuous.

The truth is, if someone engages in multiple relationships or encounters without disclosing it, nobody knows or cares. However, what stands out in this situation is the double standard that exists when it comes to gender. Women often seek sympathy and support simply because they are women, while simultaneously advocating for men to speak up. But when men do express themselves, they are accused of shaming women.

Consider this scenario: Imagine if Sarkodie were to write a book listing the women he had slept with, mentioning Yvonne Nelson, and even claiming that she had terminated a pregnancy. In that case, there would be an outcry against him for “kiss and tell” and “shaming women.” It is highly unlikely that a man could receive the same level of support that Yvonne is currently receiving for her book.

Perhaps Yvonne could have approached her book differently. She could have written it without explicitly naming individuals, leaving readers to speculate and make their own assumptions. This approach would have added an element of intrigue. Initially, I even assumed that Yvonne had sought consent from the people she mentioned, but Sarkodie’s response indicates otherwise.

Ultimately, the situation highlights the bias that often exists in favour of women. It is important to recognize and address these discrepancies in order to promote equality and fair treatment for all genders.

Sarkodie may be experiencing challenges within his marriage due to an issue that occurred 13 years ago. Yvonne herself acknowledged in her book that she was not prepared to carry a pregnancy at that time. So, one might question where the present hurt lies. Yvonne, as a mature woman, has since moved on, engaging in other relationships and even becoming a mother.

While it is important for individuals to share their stories, it seems unlikely that any healing can emerge from this situation. It appears that Yvonne may be relishing the attention and financial gains that have come from the discussions surrounding her book.

Consider a scenario where each individual involved decides to share their own perspectives on the matter. Yvonne’s mother, for instance, could present a contrasting account, offering a different narrative altogether. Iyanya and Tonto might also be preparing their own responses to the situation. Now, picture Tonto, who is with her partner, suddenly learning about the news revealed in Yvonne’s book, alleging a tumultuous relationship with Iyanya. It’s quite a situation, isn’t it?

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