July 15, 2024

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential aspirant, Alan Kyerematen, is set to engage party delegates in cluster meetings throughout the country as part of a robust campaign tour to garner support for his presidential bid.

The former trade and industry minister will engage every delegate to detail his “Great Transformational Plan”ahead of the party’s presidential primary election on 4 November.

A statement issued by Yaw Buaben Asamoa, press secretary to Kyerematen, announcing the tour, said the presidential aspirant would engage over 200,000 delegates in the ground-breaking cluster delegates’ meetings.

Alan talks about CLUSTER campaigns. He wants delegates to travel long distances to meet him. That’s too much of a health risk for representatives, but he cares less.

Flagbearer elections in every democratic setting have always been about targeting delegates and meeting them at their convenience. As an NPP member, I am worried because many delegates are saying that Alan feels too big to travel and meet delegates.

My fellow delegates are seeing Alan as someone who wants to be served but is not ready to serve the NPP. Even in 1997, under Rawlings regime, then-candidate Kufour never instructed delegates to meet him.

President Kufour walked to the delegates to meet them.   Adu Boahene and President Akufo Addo all went to meet delegates in their homes to seek their mandate.

Therefore, if an aspirant like Alan is not ready to walk and meet delegates in their own communities but seeks to inconvenience them, there’s a danger of a total lack of respect for delegates and the NPP.

With such an intention, the NPP may end up with a candidate who will have gross disregard for the NPP.

Such a candidate will impose his will on the NPP. Already, Alan prides himself on “Aduru Meso,” as if being a flagbearer is his birthright.

Likewise, Alan lacks the will to attract campaign financiers to invest in his campaign. Obviously, he is incapable of commanding financiers to invest in the NPP 2024 campaign.

Cash-trapped Alan wants to risk the dear lives of delegates due to his inability to adequately finance his already dead campaign activities.

By: Kwame Osei Kufour,

Apagya fie, Kumasi


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