July 19, 2024

Rev Azumah and Ruby, his wife in the making

A momentous occasion is set to occur on June 30th and July 1st, as Rev. John Kwarshie Johnson Azumah, a prominent HIV advocate and Ambassador, ties the knot with a woman who is HIV-negative.

This union signifies a groundbreaking event, as it marks the first public relationship between individuals with different HIV statuses since the discovery of HIV/AIDS in the country back in 1986. Having met a year and a half ago, the couple is committed to spending their lives together, embracing God’s purpose, despite Rev Azumah’s HIV-positive status, which has been widely known for over two decades.

Their traditional wedding is scheduled for June 30th, while their church wedding coincides with Ghana’s Republic Day on July 1st, commemorating the country’s independence from British colonial rule. The traditional ceremony will take place at Sowutuom Market, near the Light Pentecost Church, and the wedding will be held at Rhema Redemption Faith Chapel, across from Sowutuom Police Station.

Rev Azumah shared with the Media that the choice of July 1st for their wedding held personal significance to them, though without any specific reason. However, one might wonder if it was a divine arrangement. Their union could serve as a symbolic statement from the heavens, urging Ghana to break free from societal misconceptions about HIV and foster a harmonious environment without stigmatizing individuals living with the disease.

Rev Azumah’s soon-to-be bride, Ruby, is a talented seamstress and possesses a radiant beauty that aligns with the gracefulness associated with her name.

The union between Rev John Kwarshie Johnson Azumah and Ruby is anticipated to be a significant triumph in the battle against stigmatization faced by individuals living with HIV. Globally, it is estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that over 50% of HIV patients are involved in serodiscordant relationships, where one partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative.

Rev Azumah, along with his late wife Mrs. Lydia Azumah, publicly disclosed their HIV-positive status in 2011, becoming advocates for HIV awareness and support. Over the course of two decades, they have worked alongside fellow ambassadors and the Ghana AIDS Commission to provide assistance to HIV/AIDS patients and create a nurturing environment for children affected by the disease.

Sadly, Mrs Azumah passed away two years ago, but now Rev John Kwarshie Johnson Azumah and Ruby embark on an extraordinary journey together. GhanaPlus.com extends its heartfelt wishes for their happiness and success. Together with thousands of HIV patients worldwide, and particularly in Ghana, we stand united in saying “No To Stigmatization Against Persons Living With HIV And AIDS.”

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