May 30, 2024

Vice President and NPP Flagbearer, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia

New Patriotic Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, kick-started a nationwide campaign on Monday ahead of the December 2024 poll. Promising an issue-based approach, Dr. Bawumia and his campaign team aim to address the pressing concerns of the Ghanaian people with practical and tailored solutions.

Starting in the Eastern Region, Dr. Bawumia plans to visit all sixteen (16) regions within the next month as part of the initial phase of his campaign. During his tour, he intends to engage with various stakeholders, including traditional leaders, religious figures, youth groups, traders, farmers, students, and business owners. His itinerary includes visits to marketplaces to interact with both vendors and consumers, as well as town hall meetings and media engagements.

This information was contained in a press release by the Communications Director of Bawumia’s Campaign, Dennis Miracle Aboagye. According to him, their campaign is going to be based on three key battlegrounds for the upcoming elections:

According to him, their campaign is going to be based on three key battlegrounds for the upcoming elections:
1. The Battle of Ideas and Character:
Dr. Bawumia emphasizes the importance of electing a leader of impeccable character and integrity. Drawing on his record of integrity, discipline, and innovative problem-solving during his tenure, he contrasts his approach with that of his main opponent, highlighting his commitment to finding solutions to Ghana’s challenges.

2. The Battle of Records:
Acknowledging global economic challenges, the NPP underscores its achievements over the past seven years. Despite unprecedented global challenges, the party asserts that its government has consistently outperformed its predecessor. Dr. Bawumia’s campaign emphasizes the need to focus on the future and his vision for the country.

3. The Battle of Effective Campaigning:
The NPP stresses unity and determination among its campaign teams, relying on their hard work and dedication to propel the party forward. Dr. Bawumia challenges his main opponent to a debate on the two candidates’ personalities and policies, inviting voters to scrutinize their credibility and weigh their proposals for Ghana’s future.

Dr. Bawumia’s campaign aims to address major national issues and present his plans for addressing them if elected. From economic revitalization to education and healthcare, he pledges to tackle challenges head-on and build a brighter future for Ghana.

The nationwide campaign tour will run until the first week of June, with Dr. Bawumia presenting his innovative ideas and engaging with voters across the country.

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