May 30, 2024

Michael Danquah, MCE Weija-Gbawe

Amidst the financial strain facing the Weija Gbawe Municipal Assembly, the newly appointed Municipal Chief Executive, Michael Danquah, has sparked controversy by purchasing a luxury office chair for himself at a staggering cost of Twenty Thousand, Eight Hundred cedis (20,800.00) without following proper procurement procedures.

Michael Danquah was appointed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on February 3, 2024, after revoking the appointment of his predecessor.
Danquah assumed office on February 3, 2024, following the revocation of his predecessor’s appointment by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. However, his administration’s actions have raised eyebrows, particularly regarding financial prudence, as Danquah also acquired a high-end laptop.

The laptop, an HP Pavilion x360 15, equipped with an Intel Core i5 eleventh generation processor, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, and a 14-inch FHD touchscreen, running Windows 11 Pro, came at a hefty price of GHS 21,996.00. Additionally, the MCE procured provisions costing GHS 36,000 without adhering to proper contractual procedures, mirroring the irregularities in purchasing his office chair.

However, a market survey by The Hawk Newspaper showed that the costs at which the swivel chair and laptop were supplied to the Assembly were outrageous compared to the prices of similar laptops on the market.

At Achimota Mall, a well-known computer dealership company was selling the HP Pavilion i5 with the same specifications at only GHS 9,000, compared to the GHS 21,996 for which a similar laptop was supplied to Michael Danquah. Other dealers at Osu and Kokomlemle, offered the same laptop for GHS 5,700.

‘This is to inform you that your bid for the supply of 1No. The laptop for MCE’s Office in the sum of Twenty-One Thousand, Nine Hundred Ninety-Six (21,996,00) to be delivered within Two (2) weeks by the request for quotation is at this moment accepted. A letter under the hand of the MCE to the supplier read in part.

In response, the Director of Han-Soft Systems, Haneef Egyin Kwaku Quansah, wrote, “We respectfully accept the award offered to Messrs Han-Soft Systems to supply or deliver a laptop at a contract sum of Twenty-One Thousand, Nine Hundred Ninety-Six (21,996,00).”

This raises concerns about the necessity of replacing office furniture and equipment with each change in leadership, prompting questions about the prudent use of public funds and the sustainability of procurement practices within the Assembly.

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